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Conversion Rates

Measuring your conversion rateYou have painstakingly crafted a killer website, written content worthy to be called the king, and effectively leveraged search engine marketing to drive a substantial amount of visitors to your website. You except sales to soar but sales are low or not where you want them to be. You wonder why because every bit was executed with precision. Perhaps you overlooked a very essential bit - the website was not optimised for conversion.

The Internet has evolved from a lesser used market place to an overly competitive marketing arena. In the given circumstances, reaching to the top of search engine results pages is difficult if not impossible. Paid search is a good option to supplement organic traffic, but is seldom used in tandem with search engine optimisation. Even if the perfect union of the two is created, the traffic you can get will plateau (barring stray instances).

It is therefore necessary to understand that traffic is not the 'be all and end all' - converting visitors into customers is as important as having them in the first place. You may win the battle for traffic but if the website is not optimised conversion you will lose the war.

Website conversion rate theory

Conversion happens when visitors coming to your website perform a predefined action. This predefined action is mostly referred to as a goal. Conversion rate is therefore the percentage of visitors who perform the desired action/goal.

Websites have different goals and a single website may have more than one goal. The goal depends on your business objective. An actual purchase, submission of a sales enquiry, signing up for a free resource like newsletter, subscription to future promotional offers, etc. are some common goals.

Based on the goal(s), website conversion can be broadly classified into three types:

  • Informational Conversion:

This type of conversion happens when the visitor finds the information he/she is looking.

  • Transformational Conversion:

When a visitor subscribes to a free service such as a newsletter, transformational conversion is said to have happened.

  • Transactional Conversion:

When an actual sale happens or the business receives money from any other activity (visitor clicking on advertisements) performed by the visitors, transactional conversion happens.

Most online businesses are built to achieve transformational and/or transactional conversion of some sort. There are many perceived benefits of conversion rate optimisation and all of them will only add to what you are already achieving with your website.

Conversion optimisation is the most certain way of converting your website into a money making machine. In addition, conversions are a good measure of return on investment (ROI) and a key performance indicator that you cannot afford to ignore.


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Intoweb includes conversions and conversion tracking as part of our Search Engine Optimization strategy and monhtly reporting. Contact us to find out how we can help you.
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